Cellar Door Wines proudly brings you magnificent wines from the 5-Star Centennial Vineyards, rated by Robert Parker.

"The consistency of the quality of the wines is wholly commendable" - James Halliday

Centennial Vineyards is about cool climate grape growing and winemaking. It is committed to produce quality wines at all costs. Centennial wines have won over 330 medals from trophy to bronze, nationally and internationally.

赛乐酒窖很荣幸地向您推荐来自五星级酒庄--世纪庄园不同凡响的葡萄酒。全球著名评酒家Robert Parker盛赞世纪庄园的酒"杰出卓越, 具有不同凡响的复杂性和个性"。澳洲权威评酒家James Halliday则认为世纪庄园的酒是"完全值得赞赏的一贯高品质的美酒"

世纪庄园的成功来自于“不惜一切代价营造高质量葡萄酒”的承诺。得天独厚的葡萄庄园位于气候凉爽的南部高地,缓慢的成熟期为葡萄增添了风味使之更具特色。世纪庄园在澳洲乃至国 际酒展上享有盛誉,获得了超过330个奖杯和奖牌

Tasting Menu 品酒单

Centennial Vineyards Reserve Shiraz Viognier 2006

"Very lively and very intense, yet with a silky texture; lovely black fruits with splashes of red and that Viognier lift; unquestionably works best in cool regions." – James Halliday, Rating 94/100, 5 star.This label has won 5 medals since 2004.

世纪庄园 珍藏 设拉子/维欧尼 干红 2006

“非常生动又丰厚,也 不乏丝绸般的细腻,美味四溢的红酒源自可爱的黑比诺和维欧尼的提升。毫无疑问只有气候凉爽的产地才能达到如此至高高境界。”- James Halliday, 获评五星级,94/100分。 这款酒自2004年以来赢得过5个奖牌。

Centennial Vineyards Reserve Unfiltered Pinot Noir 2006

Complex rich aromas of dark red berry fruits. The palate is ripe, rich and powerful and a fantastic lingering presence. This is beautiful cool climate Pinot Noir seriously over-delivering, will age well over the next 10 years. Gold medal - 2008 Southern Highlands Wine Show. This label has won 6 medals since 2004.

世纪庄园 珍藏 黑比诺 干红 2006

深红色莓果香气四溢, 成熟又丰富的口感,可口且持久的回味令这款凉爽气候造就的佳酿带给黑比诺爱好者超过预期的惊喜,今后10年 的窖藏更将使之登峰造极。金牌奖 – 2008 南部高地酒展。这款酒自2004年赢得过6个奖牌。

Centennial Vineyards Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay NV

“Very fine base material and low dosage is reflected in the low alcohol and delicate nature of the wine which has considerable finesse and very good length.” – James Halliday, 4.5 star, Rating 90/100. This label has won 22 medals since 2003, including Best in class – 2007 Boutique Wines of Australia Wine Awards, Gold & Trophy – National Cool Climate Wine Show

世纪庄园 黑比诺/霞多丽 香槟

“精致的原料加上低酒 精度低, 相当精致、纯净, 回味特别 悠久.-- James Halliday, 评分: 90/100, 4.5星级。从2003年起曾赢 得包括澳大利亚精品酒大奖的最佳分类奖在内的22个奖杯和奖牌。

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九月十二日星期六 下午4-6

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