Cellaring Wine 储酒

There's probably no better sense of satisfaction as a wine lover that opening a bottle of wine you’ve cellared for a few years.

Ideal conditions for cellaring wine include a consistent temperature (around 14 degrees), high humidity (65-75%), minimal vibration and lighting with good air flow.

The temperature at home varies greatly in Shanghai. To store your precious collections properly, you need a home cellar or a wine cabinet.


Vino-Rich Wine Cabinets 恒温酒柜

The high tech Vino-Rich Wine Cabinet functions both as a wine cooling and storage unit, the closest you can get to a full cellar. Its intelligent interface and technology allow consistent temperature and humidity control, as well as providing stability, ventilation and odor dispelling.

These cabinets come in a range of sizes to suit your needs, ranging from the smallest 23 liter model that holds 8 bottles to the largest 460 liter model that holds 168. The small cabinet comes with two stainless steel racks and retails for RMB 1,000. The large cabinet comes with 15 wooden racks at a retail price of RMB 12,000.

Vino-Rich 恒温酒柜是最接近地窖储酒的一种高科技冷藏设备。是具备恒温、恒湿、防震、通风、祛除异味等严苛条件、以智能化和机械温控技术为客户度身打造一个方便使用的“家庭酒窖”。

我们提供Vino-Rich多款尺寸,供您挑选。最小的23L,可以储酒8支,不锈钢层架2层,零售价RMB 1,000。最大的460L,可以储酒168支,15个木层架,零售价RMB 12,000

CDW Exclusive Offer 赛乐独家特惠

At CDW, we are passionate about your enjoyment of fine wines. When you purchase any wine cabinets from us, you will receive wines at your choices absolutely free, to the value of the difference between our distributor price and your retail price.


CDW Special Dozen 赛乐特惠12瓶组合

Total 1290rmb, save 998(44%)

2 Bottles each of the following:

Cruickshank Hunter Valley Verdelho 09 (139rmb/btl)
Margan Family Hunter Valley Semillon 08 (189rmb/btl)
Scarborough Winery Hunter Valley Chardonnay 07 (229rmb/btl)


Cruickshank Hunter Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 06 (169rmb/btl)
Amadio Cabernet Sauvignon McLaren Vale 2005 (189rmb/btl)
Margan Family Hunter Valley Shiraz 06 (229rmb/btl)

You may also choose all reds or all white (4 each).
free delivery within Inner Ring Road in Shanghai.



科鲁仙克 猎人谷 维德和 干白2009 (139rmb/瓶):
玛根家族 猎人谷 赛美蓉 干白2008 (189rmb/瓶):
斯卡伯勒酒庄 猎人谷 霞多丽 干白2007 (229rmb/瓶):
科鲁仙克 猎人谷 赤霞珠 2006 干红 (169rmb/瓶):
阿马迪尔 迈拉仑维尔 赤霞珠 干红 2005 (189rmb/瓶):
玛根家族 猎人谷 设拉子 2006 干红 (229rmb/瓶):

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