You are invited to attend our free wine tasting party!


Since we opened our doors last October, CDW has been growing fast. We have become the favorite cellar of more and more wine lovers. Our achievements are only made possible through your continuous support.

We want to share this moment with you by hosting a free wine tasting party for all our friends. Come in and celebrate CDW’s first anniversary with a glass of bubbly, recent trophy winning Centennial Vineyard Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, this label has won 22 medals since 2003, rated 90/100 by James Halliday. Please drop in Saturday 31st October 2009, 3-5pm.

赛乐酒窖开张一年以来,承蒙新老朋友的支持和关照,正在成为越来越多葡萄酒爱好者选择澳洲葡萄酒的好地方。在庆贺一周岁之际,赛乐酒窖邀请您来参加我们的免费品酒派对,品尝近期刚获得奖杯的世纪庄园黑比诺/霞多丽起泡葡萄酒,这款酒自2003年共赢得过22个奖牌, James Halliday 评分: 90/100

时间:十月三十一日星期六, 下午3点到5点。

CDW Anniversary Special 赛乐酒窖周年特惠

To celebrate CDW’s first birthday and make room for our new vintage shipment in November, all existing stocks are for grab in a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Anniversary Sale. Plus for every 1000rmb spent we will give you 2 Rona crystal glasses (valued at 80rmb each) absolutely free, your choice of Red/White or Champagne glasses, when stocks last.

Hurry for your favorite wines as there are quite a few varieties already sold out. For available product details, please refer to

为庆贺赛乐酒窖一周岁以及筹备十一月份新酒的到达, 所有货存买二送一, 另外每满1000 rmb, 获赠送2Rona水晶杯, 您可以选择红/白葡萄酒杯或者香槟杯,赠完为止。

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