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Celebrating 6 Years of CDW
Thursday 2nd Oct 2014, 2-5pm

When Cellar Door Wines opened at High Street Loft in 2008, we promised to bring you an authentic cellar experience and to deliver Australian wines directly from boutique wineries at unbeatable value.

Over the past 6 years, we have had a few wineries requested us to raise our prices because their other importers want to sell the same wines at much higher prices. Every time we were put at the crossroads, either to inflate our prices or to upset the supplier and walk away from their products, we chose the latter. We stayed true to our promise.

We have worked hard to find wineries who share our vision. Our portfolio of premium five star and red five star wineries has grown expansively. CDW now carries the most comprehensive range of Australian wines across the entire Chinese market, covering most major wine regions in Australia.

The reward? CDW has flourished. More and more wine lovers have become our friends and our online store has scored top ratings.

In the past year, CDW was awarded Wine Australia’s A+ Australian Wine Specialist and went on to win the Best Retailer Award.

As we celebrate our 6th year, we would like to raise our glasses to you and thank you for your contribution to our dream. Without you, there is no us. Come and join us!


2008年,当赛乐刚落户尚街的时候,曾承诺会让大家体验一个真正的澳大利亚先尝后买的Cellar Door文化,并从澳洲精品酒庄挑选品质上乘的葡萄酒,以近乎当地零售价的价格,带回这里与大家分享。





Birthday Special

To celebrate CDW turning 6, we will offer all the sparkling wines at 99 RMB, this Special offer ends 2nd Oct.



The World’s Biggest Red Wine Consumer

The Chinese drank their way to a record 155 million 9-litre cases of red wine in 2013, thereby surpassing the French whose consumption decreased by 18 % to 150 million cases. 

While Italy is world’s biggest wine producer, Italian are only #4 on wine consumers list surpassed by France and Portugal.

France still drink more wine per capita than the Chinese, with 53 litres per capita per year versus 1.9 in China.








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