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Australia Vintage Trip

While the excitement of winning Wine Australia’s Best Offline Retailer still lingering, it came the time to participate in the 2014 Australia Vintage Tour.

Australia is every bit we have dreamt of, from blue sky and white clouds to the glorious sunshine, from the shimmering coasts to the majestic limestone, Australia is truly a nature’s paradise. We cruised along Goulburn River, flew over Adelaide Hills and totally fell in love with the pristine landscape.

Coonawarra is one of the key wine regions we visited. The secret of the Coonawarra’s legendary reputation as producers of some of the world’s best reds lies in the unique union of rich terra rossa soils with a sandy limestone layer. We visited Leconfield, had hands-on experience on picking up grapes and followed wine maker experiencing wine making process. We were so proud when people found out Cellar Door Wines had been representing their distinctive wines in China. You may not be able to visit Leconfield, you could always come to CDW to experience those beautiful drops. Cheers!



踏上澳洲的土地,给人最深刻的印象便是这里的蓝天白云,清新空气和灿烂的阳光。无论是乘坐游艇畅游Goulburn River,还是乘坐直升机鸟瞰Adelaide Hills,都会被这里原生态的自然风光深深吸引和陶醉。优越的风土条件和澳洲人极高的环保意识,共同造就了这片“纯天然,无污染”的世外萄源。

Coonawarra库纳瓦拉是此行重点探访的产区,这里以terra rossa红土闻名,是全澳乃至全球最佳的赤霞珠葡萄酒产区之一,赛乐代理的Brand’s Laira和Leconfield就在其间。在Brand’s Laira酒庄,无论是坐在百年历史的酒窖中享用美食,还是在1893年种下的葡萄园中品尝美酒,无处不令人感觉到时光的穿越,恍若隔世。在Leconfield,亲手采收葡萄,跟随酿酒师了解葡萄变成酒的奇妙经历,其乐无穷!


Coonawarra Special

All wine from Coonawarra buy 2 get 1 free until 10 May 2014.



To Age or Not to Age?

It is a common misconception that all wines improve with age. In fact, more than 90 percent of all wines should be consumed within one year after purchase. In general, more expensive wines are designed to become better with age. However price is just an indication, the quality of the wine is the real measure.




What Color Tells You

As white wines age, they gain color. Red wines, on the other hand, lose color as they age. To analyze your glass of wine, hold the glass on an angle in front of a white background, such as a napkin or tablecloth. White wines can range from a pale yellow-green to a brownish hue. Reds begin at purple and scale all the way to brown.





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