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Praising The Lord

Lord Howe is quite literally the definition of a hidden paradise. Indeed, life on the island has been described as living inside a David Attenborough documentary, and having been there, it’s no wonder why. I spent the first week of the 2013 on the island and it has been an incredibly enriching experience.

Swathed in living green and accentuated by lanky palm trees, the island is ringed by beaches of the white sand and waters of stunning aqua. Ned’s Beach is famous for its local kingfish that displayed absolutely no hesitation coming right up to you for food. The dramatic peak of Mount Gower is a constant presence, alternatingly wreathed in dense mist, flowing with fresh rainfall or shining lush in the sunlight. The rope assisted climb to the summit takes an entire day and is the signature experience of Lord Howe. Indeed it is recognised as one of the world’s best day climbs.

As a world heritage island, the visitor population is limited to fewer than 400 people at all times. Only 350 residents and 55 dogs live there permanently. One of the most amazing elements of the experience was the island lifestyle, and the overwhelming sense of community. In a jarringly unfamiliar gesture of trust, the airport has no security whatsoever. The entire island is a keyless society – a foreign convenience. If you want a hit on the golf course, just chuck the hire fee in the honesty box and help yourself.

As we explored the countless walking tracks crisscrossing the island, we notice that each piece of public furniture had an engraved plate telling unfailingly heart warming stories: ‘In Loving Memory of Col & Ethel Lamont Who Cherished their years of idyllic life on this island’ and ‘In Loving Memory of our parents Ethel & Robert Baxter who lived their lives together on this island’ being two examples.

Lord Howe Island is one of those idyllic places where cycling is a way of life. However our porter Danny at Capella Lodge paddles his sea kayak to work. Speaking of our lodge, Capella does barefoot luxury as expertly as rave reviews promise. The first name service is exemplary and the attention to detail simply staggering. And then there is this legendary view, coupled with sunset canapés and exquisite several course meals every night with matching Aussie wines. It’s hardly surprising that it’s regarded as the pinnacle of luxury on Lord Howe.


有人把生活在Lord Howe岛上被比喻为生活在一个David Attenborough的纪录片里,有幸身临其境在这世外桃源渡过2013年的第一周。

14.55平方公里的绿色岛屿被白色的沙滩和浅绿色珊瑚礁水域环绕。在Ned’s Beach当地硕大的Kingfish会和你一起游泳觅食,岛上最高峰Mount Gower永远在你的视野中展示其不同的身影,或被云雾环抱,或在阳光下展示其郁郁葱葱,而借助于绳索登上其顶峰是公认的世界上最值得尝试的户外经历之一,8个多小时不懈的努力换来的是对每一滴水和每一粒面包屑的珍惜。


岛上的绿茵和沙滩上有无数的座椅,椅背上都镶着铜牌,铭刻着一段段不懈的爱的故事,‘In Loving Memory of Col & Ethel Lamont Who Cherished their years of idyllic life on this island’ 和‘In Loving Memory of our parents Ethel & Robert Baxter who lived their lives together on this island’是其中的两个。

自行车是岛上田园诗般生活中的交通工具,当然我们下榻的Capella Lodge的Danny则划海上皮艇上下班的。说到Capella Lodge,纯朴的奢华印证其好评如潮的承诺,体贴入微的服务令人让你宾至如归,而每天日落时分置身于那声名远扬的景致,香槟、鸡尾酒和精美小食,紧随其后的晚餐佐以澳洲佳酿,更被视为Lord Howe奢华的巅峰。

Introducing – Cadigal ** Reserve Shiraz

Since we introduced Cadigal Av in May, 2010, it has consistently been our best seller. This shipment, we are introducing a Cadigal Av Reserve Shiraz to join the existing line up of Shiraz, Cabernet Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. This delightful wine showcases a vibrant purple hue, with flavours of intense plum and spice, complemented by toasty vanilla oak and soft velvety tannins. A beautiful wine, at the infamously low price you have come to expect from the Cadigal Av.

Until the end of January, any purchase of 12 bottles will grant you not only the normal discounts but also a bottle of the Reserve to take home, completely free! 


凯帝街系列2010年5月以来一直是赛乐酒窖最受青睐的产品,继推出设拉子、赤霞珠/梅洛、霞多丽和长相思后,我们最新又增加了来自南澳的凯帝街珍藏版设拉子:明亮的紫红色,浓郁的李子与香料的美味,熏烤过的 橡木夹杂着香草气息,柔软的单宁,充满活力和深度。


Removing Wine Stains

The single most important thing is to act quickly; with swift action, cold water and soap is almost always sufficient. Avoid using warm or hot water because it actually speeds up the setting process.

For dried stains, there are a variety of techniques. Always test on a small inconspicuous spot first.

  • White wine – wine is soluble in wine, which helps loosen the colour
  • Club soda – soak stain and dab dry
  • Salt, baking soda, talcum powder – simply place on the stain and allow it to absorb the colour
  • 1 part dish detergent to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide – a heavy duty soak, should remove stubborn stains

Never place the article in the dryer as any residue will be firmly set in by the heat and impossible to remove.  



  • 用白葡萄酒溶化红葡萄酒渍
  • 食用苏打浸泡
  • 用盐、苏打和滑石粉的混合物置于酒渍上吸附
  • 1份餐具洗涤剂和2份双氧水,再顽固的污渍也应该退却了


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