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CDWines Newsletter
CDWines Newsletter


I opened Cellar Door Wines with a dream of sharing Australian wine and its life style. Four years on, it is your continuing support that has made that dream a reality, and Cellar Door Wines into what it is today. It is far more than a wine store: it is a place that nurtures friendships, new and old; a place to catch up; a place to share something new or interesting. And every day we continue to grow, with over 3,000 members now, both local and expat.

This last year, I’ve made six trips back to Australia, tasting wines beyond count. The very best of course I’ve brought back to you: dozens of new varieties to add to our cellar, and to your glasses. We’ve added new brands to our portfolio and strived to build stronger relationships with boutique wineries spanning Australia’s wine regions.

We’ve taken your suggestions and ideas and turned them into reality: wine tasting events focused on learning and experiencing; collaborative events with other organisations; Aussie musicians to bring the party to you. CDW has truly become a home of fun and celebration. And none of this would have been possible without you. Thank you!


四年前赛乐源于我的梦 - 与大家分享澳洲的美酒和生活。四年来这个梦想得以实现都离不开你们不断的支持,今天的赛乐不止是一家葡萄酒零售店,这里滋养友谊,不论新朋或老友,你们在这里欢聚、分享生活的美好 …… 与3000多来自上海乃至世界各个角落的朋友们一起,赛乐每天都在成长。


你们的建议和想法给赛乐增添了丰富的活动,着重体验、以学为主的品酒会,与其他组织、企业联谊交流,邀请澳大利亚音乐人为你带来的晚会 …… 赛乐真正成为了一个分享乐趣、共享美好生活的家园。


Join Us For 1 Drink, Or 4.

Tuesday 2nd October, 3-6PM

We’re going on a journey, back down memory lane. Starting with an iconic sparkling from our very first brand Amadio, we’re going to look back on the wines that defined and captured the CDW experience. Be there!


10月2日 星期二,下午3—6点


Birthday Gifts, From Us To You.
Until 7th October

Take the celebration home. Buy four bottles; take a [6 bottle] case.



把赛乐的生日派对带回家,和朋友分享:所有库存买4瓶,带走一箱 [6瓶] !


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