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Taste & Make Your Own Blend
Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc
Sunday 3rd June, 2-4PM

There was an amazing response to the Shiraz Tasting at the beginning of the month and it was a wonderful afternoon with everyone discovering his or her favourite OZ Shiraz.

In this coming event we will be presenting a variety of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc from different wine regions and different vintages. We will compare their unique regional and vintage characteristics through colour, nose and palate. To bring this learning and exploring experience to a new level, you will be able to test your skill and palate by creating your own blend of the two varieties. We will then compare your SSB creations with some of those done by leading Australian winemakers!

As usual we will also discuss food and wine pairings and how to enjoy blends in general. The event will be casual with a focus on learning, trying and having fun.

The cost will be RMB 100 per person with free company, with limited 12 seats. Bookings are essential, please email, call 5466 6936 or text 1590 2134 222 to register.

赛美蓉 & 长相思


下期活动中,我们将为你呈现来自澳大利亚不同产酒区、不同年份的赛美蓉和长相 思。通过色泽、香气和口感的比较,其独特的地域性特点和年份特征将得以展现。这次探索将带大家进入一个新的层面:你将有机会试试自己的手艺和灵感——创造你自己的赛美蓉/长相思混酿,然后拿你的创作品跟那些由澳大利亚最前沿酿酒师创作的赛 美蓉/长相思一比高低!


100元/人,两人同行伴侣免单,限12人,请邮件至, 致电5466 6939或短信至15902134222预约。

New Tasting Pack
Save Up To 38%

New tasting dozen,1390rmb for 12 bottle, save 868rmb (38%), 760rmb for 6 bottle, save 364rmb (32%), details refer to CDW Tasting Dozen.


全新品尝组合,12瓶1390元,省868元(38%),6瓶760元,省364元(32%),详情见 赛乐品尝组合

Q&A: Do Bubbles Get You Drunk Faster?

We can’t answer this one definitively, but researchers at the University of Surrey did experiments, in which one group of drinkers consumed flat sparkling/champagne while the other consumed the full-bubbled version, the results showed that those who drank bubbly had a higher blood alcohol level.

Many people say that sparkling/champagne bubbles "go straight to their head", making them giggly and light-headed. It’s long been believed that the bubbles in sparkling/champagne mean that it hits your bloodstream more quickly, but why?

This is something of a mystery. Normally about 20% of the alcohol we drink is absorbed by our stomach and the rest by our intestines. One theory is that the carbon dioxide bubbles speed the flow of alcohol into the intestines. Whether or not this is true, take care with your toasts!  





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