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CDWines Newsletter

Hitting the Slopes

This year’s snow season could well be one of the all time bests in Australia, and we certainly felt the difference! Even as we climbed the steep mountainous path leading up to Falls Creek Alpine Resort, we were struck by the majesty of the snow-covered landscape, edged by soaring pine trees laden with snow. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Despite the spectacular scenery, we wasted little time in jumping straight in testing out the snow, not even pausing to unpack. The weather was perfect; blue skies and a bright sun shone over us as we carved through the powder. The next 5 days were just as wonderful as we enjoyed the convenience of true ski-in ski-out; out on the first chair and not back till they closed.

After a hard day’s work on the slopes, we were able to relax and unwind in the cozy Falls Creek Hotel. In particular, dinner stood out for the world-class service and the exceptional culinary flair with which we were presented 4 courses each day. Add to that an impressive cellar (we dug into the owner’s private collection!), good company and live music and what more could you ask for. Life is beautiful!


如果有人说今年澳大利亚的滑雪季堪称历来最棒年份之一,当你身临其境时你会觉得如此评价一点也不夸张!沿着去Falls Creek雪山度假区的盘山公路上行时,群山被皑皑白雪所覆盖,银妆素裹之下层层松林让人肃然起敬,一片为之震撼、令人窒息的美……


一天8小时雪道上的付出,换来的是回到Falls Creek Hotel的放松,温馨的环境让你宾至如归,每晚四道美味佳肴和出色的服务让你尽享人生的美好,当然让我印象更深的乃是它的酒窖(我们不客气地挖出了主人的私藏!)和现场作伴的音乐,为生活喝一杯!。

Rosé Special
Buy 2 get 1 Free

 Rosé is something of a hybrid, drawing together some of the best features of definitive white and red styles. On the one hand it tends to be easy to drink, much like the white winemaking style it is inspired by. This has gained it at a reputation as a red wine for white wine drinkers and vice versa. Yet not all rosés are sweet or to be taken lightly. They are after all made from red wine grapes and as such can display some of the typical characteristics of fine reds, most notably complex textures and a delicate dry finish. This makes it perfect in hotter summer months for those who swear by red wine.

CDW is proud to bring you two rosés which showcase the distinctive style: the Cruickshank Cabernet Rose from the Hunter and Linfield Grenache Rosé from the Barossa. Buy any 2 bottles of Rosé, and get 1 free (equal or lower value). Serve chilled and enjoy!



赛乐酒窖自豪地为你带来两款风格独树一帜的桃红葡萄酒:克鲁仙克 赤霞珠桃红(来自猎人谷)和 林菲尔大道 歌海娜桃红(来自布诺萨)。选购任意2瓶桃红,赛乐将再送你1瓶(同等价值或以下)。冰镇后尽情享用吧!

Is White Wine Glass Different from Red Wine Glass?

The answer is yes. We have talked about what makes a good wine glass in general. Now with white wine glass, the bowl will be more U shaped and upright allowing the aromas to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature.  

For red wine, the glass bowl will be fuller and rounder with a larger opening to allow you to dip your nose into the glass to detect aroma. A larger surface area could also let the wine comes in contact with more air.




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