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Back to Nature

A crowning jewel of the Royal National Park, The Coastal Walk winds along the top of a spectacular costal cliff, lined by majestic gum trees and stretching over 26km. It was a glorious day indeed as we set out from Wattamolla to Bundeena, and we enjoyed nature’s breathtaking showcase: sandstone cliffs, picturesque lagoons, pristine beaches, ancient Aboriginal carvings and most amazingly, a milky white cut off cliff. We christened it the ‘Tofu Cliffs’, I’m sure you can see why! With a bit of luck, we also witnessed the migration of a pod of whales who were frolicking in the vivid blue sea.



Moon Festival Tasting
Monday 12th September 2-5pm

The pairing of Moon cake and wine has long been a complicated proposition. However there maybe sweet wines that form an elegant counterpart; late harvest whites, botrytis, ice wine and even some rosé provide a balance of acid and sugar that complement the rich taste. Come try it for yourself, and make your own judgement, don’t just go with what advertising or food and wine pairing guides say.



Moon Festival Special
For the month of September

To celebrate the harvest season Moon Festival symbolises, CDW will give you a free bottle of Pukara Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil with every case purchased, on top of 20% discounts.



New Tasting Dozen

New tasting dozen,1390rmb for 12 bottle, save 858rmb (38%), 750rmb for 6 bottle, save 374rmb (33%), details refer to CDW Tasting Dozen


全新品尝组合,12瓶1390元,省858元(38%),6瓶750元,省374元(33%),详情见 赛乐品尝组合

Standard Drinks

You may have noticed ‘standard drinks’ on all our labels; but what does it mean? A ‘standard drink’ is defined as 10 grams of ethanol (measured at 200C) and there is a formula for calculation. It is a guide for how much you can drink.

A 750ml bottle of full bodied wine of 14% alc/vol equals to 8.3 standard drinks, while a bottle of 11% alc/vol wine equals to 6.5 standard drinks. It takes around 1-2 hours (or more for some people) to eliminate 1 standard drink, so if you drink a bottle of wine, you better not drive for the next 24 hours.


你知道澳大利亚葡萄酒标签上的“x.y杯标准酒精饮料”是什么意思吗? 20摄氏度下,当一定量的酒中含有酒精达到10克,我们就说这些酒相当于一杯“标准酒精饮料”,有兴趣的话可参考换算公式,通常人们把它看作估量自己喝多少酒精饮料的指标。


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