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New Arrivals and Evans & Tate

After two days’ labor intense work, empty shelves at Cellar Door Wines are full again. With our latest container’s arrival CDW proudly present you Evans & Tate wines as part of our new products.

Evans & Tate is No.1 Margaret River brand in Australian market by value & a top 15 wine brand in Australia. It is highly awarded Internationally and within Australia. The winery is rated 5 RED stars by James Halliday.

The winemaking philosophy at Evans & Tate is to create wines truly expressive of the best terroirs of the Margaret River wine region. With over 30 years of proven vintage experience, the brand has become rightly associated with offering the purest expression of varietal and regional character, renowned for their elegance, finesse, style and complexity.


历经2天的民工般的体力劳动,原本几乎空荡荡的酒架又一次琳琅满目了。不但原先售罄的品种又都回来了,CDW更为大家精选了多个新的澳洲葡萄酒品牌,埃文特便是其中之一。跻身澳大利亚葡萄酒前15强的“埃文特”可谓是最负盛誉的玛格丽特河产区的第一品牌,它长期得到James Halliday的高分”红五星酒庄”肯定,同时也在澳洲和国际酒展上频获殊荣。


CDWines Newsletter

Evans & Tate Margaret River Merlot 2008
Trophy winner at 2011 Sydney Royal Wine Show

埃文特 玛格丽特河 霞多丽 2008

CDWines Newsletter

Evans & Tate Chardonnay Margaret River 2009

埃文特 玛格丽特河 霞多丽 2009

CDWines Newsletter

Evans & Tate Redbrook Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River 2008
Trophy @ Sydney Wine Show 2011

埃文特 赤水 赤霞珠 2008
2011悉尼酒展最佳赤霞珠得主, “玛格丽特河赤霞珠的典范,中等酒体,果感,回味持久”

Tasting Saturday
26th November 3-6pm

All Evans & Tate wines are on the tasting menu, be the first to taste these outstanding drops from Australian’s premium wine region Margaret River!



Evans & Tate 13 for 12 Offers

Before 12 December 2011, buy 12 bottle of any Evans & Tate wine, on top of normal 20% bulk discount, we will give you an extra bottle absolutely free.




Frizzante wines have small, light bubbles that offer a refreshing tingle while helping to mask the wine’s sweetness. The light, effervescent bubbles which characterize frizzante wines come from a partial second fermentation. The result is a light fizz that is quite different from the heady bubbles in Champagne.

If you find champagne to be too “fizzy” for your tastes, frizzante wines are a great beverage choice for weddings, anniversaries or any parties.

Come and try our delicious Evans & Tate Classic Pink Frizzante from Margaret River.


Frizzante是一种略微起泡的葡萄酒,比香槟或起泡葡萄酒的沸沸扬扬的汽泡轻微且量少,给饮用者清爽的感觉,也助以掩盖葡萄酒的部分甜味。这种汽泡来自于葡萄酒的二次发酵,其结果是丝丝细腻,令人心醉。假如你觉得香槟的汽和泡有点过,不妨试试 Frizzante,是喜庆和派对的佳饮。

别忘了星期六来赛乐尝尝 埃文特经典Frizzante

CDWines Newsletter

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