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Cruickshank Wines - Special Offer

John Cruickshank, the owner of Cruickshank wines is an inspiration to us all. At 84, he is still out and about, running his vineyard, winery and restaurant. He was one of the first of a new trend incorporating wine in life, and what a richer life it is. His energy begs the question, what is his secret? Well his elixir of youth is his wine. However, to me more important is his positive approach to life. He once told me that he spends most of his day running between vineyard and house to fetch things left behind, and yet he enjoys it because it keeps him fit. 

Situated in the picturesque Upper Hunter Valley, John’s Callatoota Estate is completely self sufficient, complete with a full suite of equipment that allows everything, from harvesting to bottling to labeling. Every drop of Cruickshank wines comes from the grapes of Callatoota estate; its accolades including over 80 medals in 20 years.

Having sold out prior vintages, this time we have brought you a fresh vintage including Verdelho 2010, Cabernet Rose 2010, Shiraz 2007 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, plus two sweets: Old Tawny and Botrytis. Drop in and experience these famous Hunter Valley wines as we salute John’s spirit.

For this month only, any 6 bottles of Cruickshank wines is accompanied by a free bottle of Old Tawny or Botrytis as well as a 20% discount.





本月购买任何6瓶 科鲁仙克葡萄酒,八折同时赠送1瓶 托利葡萄酒 或者 贵腐葡萄酒

Tasting Dozen

This month we will provide you a special tasting dozen all from Cruickshank Wines products. Save up to 38%, click here for details.



Pink or Rose Wines (:ros-ay)

Rosé style wines are made by pressing ripe red grapes but leaving the juice in contact with the skins for just a short while so that the wines just acquire a pink blush.  These wines are generally drunk young, while they are still fresh and vibrant.

They tend to be drunk chilled, an increasingly popular option during warm days, particularly among red wine drinkers who just can’t bear the transition to a true white wine despite the heat.  As Australian winemakers are using their favourite grapes such as Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache for the wine with their tendency to produce more complex flavours, Australian rosés fall mid-way between whites and fuller bodied reds.



Rosé (桃红葡萄酒)通过压榨成熟的红葡萄而制成,但在生产过程中,葡萄汁与果皮只接触一小段时间,从而葡萄酒中带有一抹桃红。这种酒在新鲜时落口清爽,格外提神。

这种酒一般冰镇后喝。那些爱喝红酒的人,尽管盛夏炎炎,可还是受不了转喝白葡萄酒的念头,因此目前这种红酒在炎热的夏天里日益流行。澳大利亚的酿酒师门们利用他们最喜欢的Shiraz (设拉子)、Cabernet(赤霞珠)和Grenache (歌海娜)来酿这种酒,因为这类葡萄易于造出口感上较为多样化的产品。澳大利亚桃红葡萄酒走的是白葡萄酒和味道淳厚的红葡萄酒之间的中间路线。


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