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Tree Top Adventure

It continually amazes me how much natural beauty and untamed wilderness Australia has right next to the cities we live. The stunning Tree Top Adventure Park is less than 2 hours drive from Sydney, yet it feels a world apart. Steel wires crisscross great red oaks, many metres off the ground forming an elevated maze. The biggest challenge was keeping up with our kids who seemed right at home swinging amongst the leaves and zipping down the various flying foxes. But as my daughter Fiona keeps reminding me, we don’t stop playing because we get old. Rather, we get old because we stop playing.


我一次又一次感叹澳大利亚大自然的美妙,而且它的原始野性离人们居住的大都市 近在咫尺。令人叫绝的 Tree Top Adventure Park 距悉尼不过2小时车程,却是一个世外桃源。钢索在几层楼高的大树 之间纵横交错,构成一座高空迷宫。在里面攀高、穿梭最大的挑战莫过于赶上孩子们,他们“飞墙走壁”、“飞狐”滑翔在树梢 间,如履平地一般!正当感叹年龄不饶人时,小公主Fiona却在教导我“不要因为老而不玩耍,不玩耍才使你变老”!

New Zealand Wines

Kakadu Restaurant recently held its ‘New Zealand vs Australia Blind Wine Tasting’, and the surprising conclusion was, “Kakadu bows its head in shame as it announces Australia’s first defeat at the hands of New Zealand”. But all was not lost; our own Amadio Pinot Grigio won White Wine Champion of the Night and saved Australia from being completely savaged.  

Maybe inference by the above result, our new arrivals actually include two Kiwi wines, from Riverby Estate. People often see Kiwi and Aussie as one, so this new introduction won’t change our specialty in Australian wines. They’re both single vineyard wines; a signature Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough and a Pinot Noir ranked one of the top four in all of Australia and NZ according to Winestate Magazine in December 2010.


日前Kakadu Bar & Grill举办了一场“新西兰、澳大利亚葡萄酒盲品对抗”,结果出人意料:澳大利亚竟然羞愧地败给新西兰,不过赛乐的Amadio Pinot Grigio赢得了当晚最佳白葡萄酒桂冠,为澳大利亚赢回一筹。


Tasting This Saturday & Sunday

CDW invites you to join us to taste the new Riverby wines from 3pm to 6pm this Saturday and Sunday, 16 & 17 July. What better way is there to enjoy the weekend afternoon than sipping some delicious drops with friends!



July Special on New Kiwi Arrivals

Take 20% off for any Riverby wines. For every case purchased we will give you an additional free bottle of Australian Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir at your choice  so you can judge for yourself. Aussie or Kiwi?



Don’t keep wine in car booth

As private cars become more popular in Shanghai than ever, last thing you want to see is that your precious wines are being cooked in your car booth while you enjoy the air conditioning as you drive.



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