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Skiing Japan

We’ve just returned from a ski trip to the powder mountains of Hokkaido. We stayed in the village of Niseko, which was “invaded” by Aussies. Indeed, we lost all need for the hand gestures we’d been utilizing everywhere else in Japan. The village is very charming with restaurants and bars dotting the sides of roads meter deep in snow. And they stock plenty Australian wines that are always my focus.

The snow was truly impressive, as were the runs which boasted lengths of over 3km. There were also options for off-piste skiing to catch some virgin powder. Some lifts have hoods that swing down to protect the occupants from the driving snow and harsh wind. Conditions can be tough, winds can pick up enough to push you backwards up a slight slope and whiteouts are nothing to write home about. A highlight is the Onsens, the perfect way to unwind after a day battling the elements.

The ski experience in Australia is completely different; blue skies and sunny days abound and people are celebrating over any small amount of snowfalls. Most mountains rely on snow making machines, the runs are shorter and can be icy. On the up side is the on snow accommodation and world class service, with many accommodations including degustation courses for dinner.

New Zealand also has good powder, and the views from the top are nothing short of breathtaking. Even better, there are not much snow storms to look out for, but without viable on-snow accommodation, you end up wasting a lot of time travelling up and back from the ski fields.

The search for the perfect snow field continues…however ski is great fun wherever you go!







George Mackey
Memorial Trophy Nomination

Among our latest arrivals, Linfield Road wines deserve special mention for delivering exceptional quality. The Wilson family has been growing grapes at their estate vineyard for over 100 years. The vineyard is in one of the coolest parts of the Barossa Valley, in an elevated position.

The wines we brought in this time are Linfield Road The Stubborn Patriarch Shiraz 2006, Linfield Road The Black Hammer Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, and limited edition Linfield Road Edmund Major Reserve Shiraz 2006. The Edmund Major Reserve Shiraz has only 1800 bottles produced and has been nominated for the George Mackey Memorial Trophy winner. The nominations are identified by the Wine Inspection Panel at the time wines are evaluated for export. The award is given to the most outstanding table wine exported on a yearly base.

George Mackey


这次带来的品种有其不屈的酋长设拉子干红2006黑锤赤霞珠干红2006,以及爱德蒙梅杰珍藏设拉子干红2006。其中爱德蒙梅杰珍藏设拉子产量仅1800瓶,已经被提名为本年度George Mackey奖杯获得者。该奖项每年一次,颁发给由专家评委评定选出的澳洲全年出口产品中最佳的葡萄酒。

Chinese New Year Special

Buy 12 bottles Linfield Road wine, take 20% off the single bottle prices, and we will give you one bottle of Linfield Road Edmund Major Reserve Shiraz 2006 retail at 1299rmb absolutely free.



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