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Centennial Vineyards
Cool Climate Advantage

Centennial Vineyards has once again won a vaunted 5 star rating in James Halliday’s inaugural guide (2012) for “outstanding wines of exceptional complexity and character” – Robert Parker. A lofty altitude of 760m coupled with a cool climate facilitates slow and more even ripening of grapes, producing balanced, aromatic fruit. And of course, the exceptional quality of the fruit enhances flavor and intensity of the final wine product. Finally, higher natural acidity in grapes produces wine that demonstrates excellent ageing potential.

As well as their previously sold out Shiraz Viognier and Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, we have also brought you their Old Block Chardonnay, Woodside Tempranillo and Brut Rose NV.

五星级酒庄: 世纪庄园

澳洲葡萄酒爱好者对于著名产区 Southern Highlands(新南威尔士州)都不陌生,世纪庄园正坐落于Bowral这片高地的顶端。世纪庄园的葡萄酒在澳洲乃至国际酒展上享有盛誉,继著名评酒家Robert Parker称其为“卓越不凡、具不同寻常的复杂性和个性”之后,James Halliday再次将世纪庄园评为2012年度五星级酒庄。世纪庄园的成功源自于庄园得天独厚的凉爽气候条件(海拔760米之上)、酿酒师的天赋以及对于酿造高品质葡萄酒持续不断的追求和探索。庄园周边令人惊叹的美丽景致以及独具品味的庄园餐厅和美食也吸引着许多游客。

此次新到货柜之中,深受大家喜爱的世纪庄园 珍藏设拉子维欧尼干红黑比诺霞多丽天然起泡酒又重上货架,与之相伴而来的更有世纪庄园暮苑霞多丽半干白吾赛德添帕尼优干红以及桃红香槟

Brut Rosé Tasting
6th August 3-6pm

An intimate tasting event has been planned for Chinese Valentine’s Day featuring Centennial’s Brut Rosé. The pink sparkling scored 91 points and was noted for its complex aromas; a fitting toast to love. As such, we are offering a 23% discount for two bottles (or more), along with a special gift (love bean). All other Centennial wines also have a 20% discount.

桃红香槟 献给情侣!

有多久没留出时间和最亲密的人共享佳酿、促膝闲谈了?值此中国传统七夕佳期,赛乐为你精心挑选来自世纪庄园的桃红香槟(以74%黑比诺和26%霞多丽传统瓶内发酵而成,91/100- James Halliday),庆祝这个只属于爱人彼此的重要日子!


Summer Delight Tasting Pack for August

1290rmb for a dozen (2 btls each) – save 618rmb(32%)
690rmb for half a dozen – save 264rmb(28%)

Dog Leg Chardonnay South Australia 2008 (129rmb/btl) Cruickshank Verdelho Hunter Valley 2010 (139rmb/btl) Riverby Estate Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2009 (189rmb/btl)
Amadio Riesling Clare Valley 2007 (199rmb/btl) Cruickshank Cabernet Rose Upper Hunter 2010 (149rmb/btl)
Dog Leg Sparkling Brut NV (149rmb/btl)

Free delivery within Inner Ring Road in Shanghai(12btl+only)


以下每款葡萄酒各2瓶, 共计1290元, 节省618元(32%)
以下每款葡萄酒各1瓶, 共计690元, 节省264元(28%)

萄戈莱格 霞多丽 南澳 干白 2008 (129元/瓶)
科鲁仙克 维德和 干白 猎人谷 2010 (139元/瓶)
里弗庄园 长相思 马尔堡 2009 (189元/瓶)
阿马迪尔 雷司令 克来尔谷 2007 (199元/瓶)
科鲁仙克 赤霞珠 干白 猎人谷 2010 (149元/瓶)
萄戈莱格 无年份 干起泡酒 南澳 (149元/瓶)



Tempranillo is an exciting new variety exploding onto the stage in Australia, up there with the other rising star Sangiovese. It is a black grape variety which lends itself well to very full bodied red styles. Its name, meaning ‘early’ in Spanish where it native is a reference to the fact that it ripens several weeks earlier than other grapes.

Grab a bottle and see for yourself; our new Woodside Tempranillo is bursting with sour cherry, red confectionary, fruit and spice, a heady combination that is dangerously drinkable (and rated 90!).



开一瓶新到的世纪庄园 吾赛德 添帕尼优 干红,90分的佳酿,酸樱桃的香味,糖果、水果和香料美味,非常诱人。。。信不信由你,反正我是信了!

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