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Cellar Door Wines New Shop
in JinQiao Pudong

Cellar Door Wines is delighted to announce the opening of a new store in Pudong. Its owner Peter Tang is a wine lover who’s been living in Tokyo for over 20 years. Peter had worked in IT for most of his professional career, with his last post being an executive of IBM China. Now Peter has embarked on a new quest to introduce premium Australian wines to the Jin Qiao district. New branch address: 121 JinTai Road, Pudong. Peter’s No. 13501969787.

To celebrate, we are running a joint offer - spend 500RMB in either CDW LOFT or CDW JinQiao and receive a free Schott Crystal Wine Glass made in Germany valued at 89rmb.


赛乐酒窖浦东金桥店开张了!店主Peter旅居日本二十多年,从事信息高技术,曾担任过IBM中国的高级管理。如今Peter开启人生新的篇章,与朋友们分享对葡萄酒的热爱,把澳大利亚精品葡萄酒带到浦东金桥。新店地址:浦东金台路121号,Peter 电话13501969787。


Basket Press – the old fashioned wine making method

A basket press consists of a large basket that is filled with the crushed grapes. Pressure is applied through a plate that is forced down onto the fruit. The juice flows through openings in the basket. The basket style press was the first type of mechanized press to be developed, and its basic design has not changed in nearly 1000 years, although the modern ‘basket’ is more often a stainless steel tank. Basket Press is a more gentle method and can be better controlled to avoid cracking grape seeds and over-extraction, it is in vogue at present as a catalyst for the production of top quality wine.

A fine example is Willespie 2003 Shiraz, it comes from Australia’s Margaret River - one of the great wine regions of the world. Drop in and taste the “Black Forest in A Glass” at CDW. 20% off any 6 bottles or more Willespie wines purchased, plus 2 free Schott Crystal Wine Glasses made in Germany valued at 178rmb.




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