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After a long wait, our new products have arrived this week, ready for the upcoming holiday season.


Most of our customers are familiar with Amadio Winery products, the wines we brought in when CDW started. Two years on, we are still expanding its product range. This time we have brought you the new popular variety of Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese. We have also restocked sold out Amadio Adelaide Hill Rosso Festiva Sparkling Shiraz, McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon, Adelaide Hill Pinot Noir, Clare Valley Riesling and multi award winning Sebastien’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

很多朋友都熟悉阿马迪尔酒庄的系列葡萄酒。二年来我们不断的扩展这一系列。这次我们为你带来新品种阿马迪尔Pinot Grigio (灰皮诺)Sangiovese (桑娇维塞) 。新品还包括以前售罄的阿马迪尔 阿德雷得山区红色喜庆起泡设拉子, 迈拉仑维尔赤霞珠干红, 阿德莱得山区黑比诺, 克来尔谷雷司令干白, 以及获诸多奖的塞巴斯蒂安珍藏赤霞珠干红

Tendered to hundreds of premium wineries across Australia, the 2008 Amadio Pinot Noir has been recently selected to accompany passengers on board business class of V Australia – the award winning international airline in Australia.

多次得奖的澳大利亚国际航空公司 V Australia 最近在数百名澳大利亚优质酒庄参加的招标中,选中2008年阿马迪尔黑比诺为其商务舱用酒。

Come in and join the fun of CDW everyday wine tasting.


Special Offer超值特惠

Take 20% off when you purchase 6 or more bottles of any new arrivals. Plus we will give you a bottle of Pukara Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil of your choice absolutely free when you spend 1000rmb or more (not in conjunction with other offer).


Amadio Tasting Dozen阿马迪尔品尝组合

This month we will provide you a special tasting dozen all from Amadio Winery products. Save up to 39%, click here for details.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils 特级初榨橄榄油

Talking about new products, we have brought Extra Virgin Olive Oils from boutique Pukara Estate. These olive oils are among Australia’s finest, winning numerous awards and accolades nationally and overseas. Free tastings are on at CDW for the delicious premium EVOO and flavoured varieties including lemon, garlic, lime, pepper and truffle. They are great gift ideas for your Christmas shopping.

除了葡萄酒新品,这次我们还为你带来了澳大利亚特级初榨橄榄油, 猎人谷普卡拉庄精品园生产澳洲最上乘的特级初榨橄榄油,在澳洲乃至全球赢得盛赞和无数嘉奖。来赛乐尝尝它们的与众不同, 除了优质特级初榨橄榄油, 还有带柠檬味, 蒜味, 酸橙味, 胡椒味和黑松露味等调味特级初榨橄榄油。这些是圣诞节或平时馈赠亲朋好友的尚佳礼物。

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio灰皮诺

Australian Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris is a fairly recent arrival that is starting to develop a strong following worldwide. It comes in two main styles, each equally fashionable: fresh, crisp, unwooded and simple (ideal for hot summer day drinking), and later-picked spicier, richer wine (delicately buttery) which keeps a treat in the cellar.

澳大利亚的Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio (灰皮诺)是另一个较新的品种,但正日渐受到世人追捧。这个品种主要的两类风味在受欢迎程度上不相上下:早摘的鲜货不经过木桶里加工,清脆洗炼,是炎炎夏日的最佳搭挡。迟摘的果实酿成的酒则更为辛辣醇厚,有些黄油味,而且在酒窖里放着越陈越香。


Of the Italian varieties, Sangiovese and Barbera have had the most success in Australia. Sangiovese was first planted at Coriole in 1985, it has had a slow beginning in Australia. It is difficult to grow. The grapes gradually increase in stature and each year, the wines develop and improve.

Sangiovese ripens with good natural acidity and balance of tannin. It is also pleasingly aromatic. It is seamless with food and the combination is unsurpassed. It offers a different tasting experience from the traditional style.

来源于意大利的品种中,Sangiovese(桑娇维塞)和Barbera(芭巴拉)在澳大利亚最为成功。 桑娇维塞最早在1985年种植于Coriole,它在澳大利亚的起始相当缓慢。这种葡萄十分难种。 年复一年, 慢慢的桑娇维塞在葡萄种类中的地位逐步提高,每年酿造的葡萄酒也不断发展和完善。

成熟了的桑娇维塞具有良好的自然酸度和平衡的单宁, 散发着令人愉悦的芳香。 与食物搭配更是天衣无缝,无与伦比。 它带给你一个与传统风格决然不同的品酒体验。

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