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In Australia, as the cold nights warm slightly and the sun re-appears during the ever stretching days, the vines awaken and burst forth with new energy and promise us great things to come, Vintage 2011 here we come!

在澳大利亚, 寒冷的冬夜已渐渐回暖, 抚媚的阳光正唤醒着冬眠的葡萄树, 崭新的活力又一次从嫩芽间迸发, 2011年的美酒由此酝酿。

Back here in China, summer fades and autumn breezes bring harvest and celebration. CDW Wishes you and family a very happy Moon Festival.

在华夏大地, 随着夏日的离去, 秋高气爽迎来了丰收和欢庆, 赛乐祝您与家人共度快乐中秋。

I have noticed there are many wine promotions at the moment trying hard to match one wine with moon cake. To be honest, I could not think Chinese Moon Cake exactly match with any serious wine. I would rather go with a nice cup of Chinese tea instead. However, this does not stop us using wine to celebrate this harvest season. CDW new Tasting Dozen will certainly make your festival season very special and fun.

近来留意到许多红酒配月饼广告, 还真不敢相信红酒能配上月饼, 一壶好茶也许更佳, 当然这并不影响我们用葡萄酒庆祝中秋佳节, 最新赛乐品尝组合为你的节日添彩。

Did you know? 你知道吗?

  • The top five suppliers of bottled wine imports to China, year ending May 2009 were France (42%), Australia (20%), United States (7%), Italy (7%) and Chile (7%) (Source: GTA).

    到2009年5月的12个月,中国进口瓶装葡萄酒的前五大供应国是: 法国(42%),澳大利亚(20%),美国(7%),意大利(7%)和智利(7%).

  • Total Australian wine exports to China grew 37% per year from 1999-2000 to 2004-05 and increased at a rate of 84% per year from 2004-05 to 2009-10.

    澳大利亚葡萄酒出口中国, 从2000年到2005年平均每年增长37%, 而从2005年度到2010年度每年平均增长了84%.

  • The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale are the top regions exporting to China.


  • Shiraz is the most popular exported varietal to China, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

    设拉子是出口到中国最流行的品种, 其次为赤霞珠和梅洛.

  • A recent Wine Intelligence Survey showed that 53% of Chinese middle class are aware of Australian wine.


  • The Chinese middle-upper class is expected to reach 80 million adults in 2025, with the number of wine drinkers having the potential to increase to between 40 and 60 million.


  • Wine Intelligence suggests the market for imported wine in China could grow to between 70 and 80 million cases by 2025.

    葡萄酒调查预示, 到2025年, 中国进口葡萄酒可能达到七千万到八千万箱.

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