Last Sunday Danniel Amadio, the man behind our popular brand Dog Leg, Amadio and Red Shed spent some quality time with our wine lovers at LOFT. Everyone tried many wine samples from all over the world. The highlight was the latest release Amadio Sebestian’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 with a “WOW” reaction from the audience. We look forward to including it in our next shipment.

Danniel Amadio是备受欢迎的品牌萄格莱戈,阿马迪尔和红工坊的酒庄主和酿酒师。上星期日Danniel在尚街与爱好葡萄酒的朋友们见了面。我们品尝了来自世界各地的许多葡萄酒,最新款阿马迪尔塞巴斯蒂安珍藏版赤霞珠2007赢取一致好评。我们期待着尽快把这款酒入库赛乐酒窖。

During the wine tasting Danniel impressed everyone by identifying a 1% grape variety (Viognier) in our new arrival Cadigal Av Shiraz 2009 after sniffing. We all urged him to get his nose insured. In the last few years, Shiraz Viognier has become increasingly popular in Australia. Wine is a bit like fashion industry and winemakers are designers/artists. Every now and then they bring something new to wine lovers. See more about Shiraz Viognier below.


This bright crimson with purple hues Cadigal Av Shiraz (with 1% Viognier) delivers aromas of plum, red berry and spice with hints of pepper and charry oak. It is full of fruit flavours of berries and plums balanced by background oak and silky tannis. Try it out at CDW, you will love every drop of it. To compensate for the slight label printing faults, this delicious wine is offered at 750rmb per case (12 bottle) to CDW customers. Be quick before they are all gone.


Shiraz Viognier 设拉子维欧尼

Most wine lovers know that wines can be made from just one variety (straight varietal) or they can be made from two or more varieties (blended wines). The wine variety making up the majority of the blend appears in the front of the named. A popular wine in Australia is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, often known as Cab Merlot. Under Australian wine label regulation, a variety of less 5% don’t have to be shown on label.


Shiraz Viognier includes two grape varieties, Shiraz, the most popular Australian red wine variety and Viognier, a white wine variety originated from France's Rhône Valley. It is named as if it is a blended wine (by blending two or more different wine, each made from a single variety). But in fact it is produced by a slightly different method, namely co-fermentation. Here the red Shiraz grapes are mixed with the white Viognier grapes before the wine is made.


A typical Australian Shiraz Viognier wine contains between 2-7% of the white variety. This seems a low amount but it is enough to change the chemical pathways of the development. Shiraz wines made with some Viognier added to the fermentation, are very bright in colour and more stable over time. The co-fermented Shiraz/Viognier wines also show enhanced mouthfeel, texture and vibrancy on the palate. Flavours and aromas are more lifted, due to the aromatic characters of the Viognier combining with the aromatics of the Shiraz.


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