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Just back from a trip to revisit the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of our living planet. While the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef and the lush tropical rainforests are breathtaking in their own right, it was our stay at the inspirational Altitude ONE40 at Mission Beach that made the experience absolutely perfect. Occupying a 17 acre expanse of rainforest covered hilltop that offers unparalleled 270 degree views, and complete with its own helipad, it is a retreat that truly inspires mind and soul. The host Shane Hunter is an artist, and her passion of delivering the very best to her guests is extraordinary. She reminds me of those ordinary people who are remarkable in their own way. Like John Cruickshank, the owner of Cruickshank wines who still runs his vineyard at age 83. He recently built a new restaurant and invited us to attend a concert dinner he organized at his vineyard. It is those wonderful people and amazing places that have made our life so beautiful.

Altitude ONE40

上两周回澳洲,重游了世界七大奇迹之一大堡礁。热带雨林和多彩的大堡礁还是依然波澜壮观,Mission海滩上的度假别墅Altitude ONE40更增添了难忘的记忆。建筑在热带雨林覆盖的山 顶,直升机停机 坪让你的抵达很有腔调,占地十七英亩,展现的是无与伦比的270度景致,令人心旷神怡。主人Shane Hunter是个艺术家,她对人生的激情、对完满的追求体现在对顾客的服务中,令人敬佩,她让我记起那些在各自领域中卓越超群的普通人。John Cruickshank(科鲁仙克酒庄的主人)就是其中的一位,现年83岁,还亲自主理酒庄,不久前还在酒庄建造了餐厅,邀请我们参加他组织的酒庄音乐晚餐会。我想不正是这些卓越的人们和神奇的地球让生活如此美好么。


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Altitude ONE40

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Wine Cabinets 恒温酒柜

Altitude ONE40

As the weather heats up, many of you wondering how best to store your wines. The optimal solution is a home cellar or wine cabinet. Wine is best cellared at a consistent temperature (around 14 degree), reasonable humidity (65-75%), minimal vibration and lighting and good air flow. We do offer an exclusive deal for Cellar Door Wines customers on wine cabinets; Click here for more details.

夏日炎炎,怎样储酒, 要妥善储藏葡萄酒,需要家庭酒窖或恒温酒柜。储藏葡萄酒的理想条件包括恒温(14度左右),适当湿度(65-75%),避免震动,少见光以及空气流通。赛乐会员购买恒温酒柜可以享受独家特惠,点击此处查阅详情.

Tip for drinking red wine in summer

While many people prefer to drink chilled whites in summer season, there are still those red wine lovers who prefer reds regardless of the weather. Keep in mind however, that reds should also be cooled to around 15⁰C before drinking, so that the wine retains its flavor and character.


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