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What aging does to a wine - taste the difference yourself
从新酒到陈酿 – 你自己来体会其中之别

Saturday 21st August 2010, 3pm to 5pm

Hunter Valley Semillon is described by international wine experts as "Australia’s wine gift to the world" – it is the highest quality, purest expression of dry white Semillon wine produced anywhere on the globe.


The greatness of Hunter Semillon comes from its unique capacity to age. Some Classic unoaked examples of this variety can live to be enjoyed up to 20 plus years old. Hunter Semillon retains its zesty youthful fruit at beginning of life, then complexing with malty, honey and toast richness as it matures.


Come and join us, you can tell yourself the difference between 2008 and 2001 Semillon from the same vineyard - Margan Family Estate, rated 5 star 2009 & 2010 by James Halliday.

百看不如一尝,自己来体验一下同一酒庄(玛根家族)2008和2001年的赛美蓉有什么不同。玛根家族2009和2010年都被James Halliday评为五星级酒庄。

Free Margan Semillon Magnum 1.5L
获赠1.5 升限量版玛根赛美蓉

After many years careful cellaring, Margan 2001 Semillon is now a complex masterpiece. For the month of August, spend RMB 2,500 or more, we will give you one bottle of this limited cellar release absolutely free.

经过多年精心窖藏的2001玛根赛美蓉现以成为一款复杂的杰作。八月底以前购买RMB 2,500以上葡萄酒,我们赠送您一瓶限量版玛根赛美蓉,数量有限,赠完为止。

Vintage Collecting Tips

Serious wine lovers normally buy a complete case rather than individual bottles and keep them for years to come, so that they can taste the wine over time to see how it's evolving. Collectors also trust full cases: they're more likely in better condition than individual bottles, which could be on the market because they're spoiled. For the same reason, you should never buy an eleven-bottle case—it's often a sign that the owner tried one bottle and found it to be not to the standard as expected.


If you do buy individual bottles, buy big ones. Large-format bottles are not only rare, but they may age the wine more slowly than the standard 750ml bottle, because of the low air-to-liquid ratio.


Be suspicious if you're promised huge increases in price, unless the wine has a track record to support such claims.


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