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Happy Birthday CDW!
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Pairing Food and Wine

I often recall the days during National Day Holiday 2 years ago. When I was unpacking our first shipment of wine with the help of 2 little school boys living next door, a university year 2 girl came in and asked for her first part time job. That was Annie Shan who has since become a star performer. At that time, CDW only carried 3 labels 11 products from 1 winery in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Two years on, CDW has wine products from 16 boutique wineries, over 50 varieties

covering all major Australian wine regions. It has over 1500 registered members and is serving customers in Shanghai and interstates, about half of which are expats working and living in Shanghai.

A special Thankyou to everybody for your continued support. Cheers!



Anniversary Clearance Sale – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
周年清仓特惠 - 买二送一

To celebrate CDW’s birthday and to make room for our new arrival, Buy 2 Get 1 Free clearance sale will run from now until 7th November, across all existing stocks. (Not to be used with other offers).


Pairing Food and Wine 美酒配佳肴

Broadly speaking there are two approaches to food and wine matching – marriages and contrasts. The marriage approach is all about like with like, striking harmony between flavours and textures on the plate and in the glass or matching the weight of a wine, whether full, medium or light-bodied, should match the weight of the dish. An example of this approach is to match a ripe, full-bodied Shiraz with a grilled fillet of beef served with a red wine reduction.

一般说来,食物和葡萄酒的搭配方法有两种:结合法和对照法。 "结合法"说到底就是合并同类,使口中的佳肴与杯中的葡萄美酒的香味和质地能够谐调一致,或者葡萄酒的浓度,不论是醇厚的、适中的,还是清淡的都应该与菜肴的浓淡匹配。例如,香浓醇厚的设拉子与烤牛肉片搭配就很适宜。

The contrasts approach is about pitching wine and food at opposite ends and striking a balance of flavour intensity and texture through their interaction. An example of this is to match a zesty young Riesling with pan roasted sea scallops in a rich butter sauce.


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