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Specialize in Australian wines

Cellar Door Wines - The Australian Wine Store
赛乐酒窖 - 澳大利亚葡萄酒窖

Cellar Door Wines was established in October 2008, it has set the new benchmark for wine retail in Shanghai. Specializing in Australian wines, it is the first and only wine retailer in Shanghai offering “Try Before You Buy”, bringing you a truly unique oz cellar door experience. All wines are sourced directly from boutique wineries to your hands, delivering unbeatable value. Each wine is personally tasted through regular and extensive travel to wineries across Australia, ensuring consistent quality.

Having lived in Australia since late 80’s, owner Andy is passionate about wine and the life style it embraces. Andy is a qualified CPA and holds an MBA, yet big pay cheques from his prestigious funds management job could not stop him from following his dream: to bring Aussie wines and its life style back to his hometown. Cellar Door Wines is here for the celebration of beautiful life.


业主Andy 80年代末移居澳洲,先后获得CPA和MBA,从业于澳洲金融界,对美好生活和与之密切相关的葡萄酒充满激情,一直想把这切身体验带回家乡。两年前这个梦终于驱使他放弃了投行的高职,在上海以“为生活喝一杯”为店旨创建了赛乐酒窖,愿美酒佳酿能为大家的生活增添幸福和快乐。

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